Industry Recon: Xbox One X “Scorpio Edition” Pre-Orders Already Gone From Most Retail & Online Sellers

Well, well, well, where’s all that trash talk about the Xbox One X Now?  But in all seriousness, this seems to bode well for Microsoft, as there was a lot of skepticism about whether it would be worth it to buy an Xbox One X when it was announced.   Now, it should be noted that the pre-order edition that’s currently available is a special edition of the console called the “Project Scorpio” edition, a shout out to the original project name for the Xbox One X.   So, a special edition console may have been the impetus for a lot of the pre-orders. Us nerds love to have the shinier version of things when possible.  I know it was part of my decision to reserve one, as originally I thought “I’ll wait it out.”  That said, even Microsoft didn’t expect pre-orders to go this quick.  According to Microsoft, their initial assessment was that it would take about a week for them to sell through their pre-orders.  Well, by Tuesday Night (last night) almost all sites and stores who had an allocation of pre-orders, were already out.  

I spent a few minutes looking around the web to see if anywhere still had pre-orders available for the Xbox one.  It looks like Gamestop, for the time being, is still currently taking pre-orders online for the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition.  However, a lot of the other big websites that people buy from are already out.  While searching I saw that Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, EB Games (Canada),  and even the official Microsoft Store online, are all out of stock currently.  Given that this is a special edition of the console, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a “regular edition” of the console go up for pre-order relatively soon, now that the Scorpio Edition is all gobbled up.   With that said, what makes the Scorpio Edition special?  To be honest, not much.   I’ve included some pictures direct from Windows Central showing off the design for the Scorpio Edition.  You’ll notice the branding on the controller and console.  Other than that, instead of the console being matte black, it will have a black to grey gradient color scheme.  The console comes with a controller, a 4k high speed HDMI cable, a trial for xbox gold, and a trial for game pass.  Other than that, I highly suggest checking out the hilariously low energy unveiling of the Xbox Scorpio Edition by Major Nelson.  If you’ve got yours, great, if not you may have to wait a while.  Good Luck!


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