Industry Recon: Say Hello to “xCloud” the Microsoft Game Streaming Service of the Future.


You’d think I could only make the “X gonna give it to ya” joke so many times, but boy, you’d be wrong. Microsoft is back at it, trying to make gaming as convenient as possible. That’s not to say this is the first time anyone has thought of a streaming service, but Microsoft has had a hell of a year. Between the launch of the Xbox One X, the acknowledgment at E3 that they here us and are working towards our concerns about Microsoft’s directions, the convenience and fluidity of Game Pass, and their push for cross platform play, putting pressure on Sony to join the fun, it would be hard to ask much more of them this year. However, Microsoft announced this week that they are working towards a gaming service called “xCloud” that would allow you to stream games in real time to Xbox, PC’s, and presumably, high end phones.

According to Kareem Choudhry, the head of cloud gaming for Microsoft, they will begin trials of the service in 2019. According to the current information floating out there, we should be able to connect our Xbox controllers to our phones as well as consoles and PC’s to play games on this service. Microsoft is apparently also going all in and building entire data centers that will use advanced networking techniques to deal with the primary concerns most users would have, latency issues. The belief is that they can get this to work fluidly on 4G devices.  Whether this is ends up working out or not remains to be seen, but Microsoft is fully committed to getting as many games into as many hands as possible, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty dope.