Industry Recon: WWE 2k19 Announces Cover Superstar, AJ Styles & Million Dollar Challenge

Over the last 24 hours 2k Games, the company behind WWE video games since 2013, announced that AJ styles will be the superstar on the cover of WWE 2k19. In conjunction with this they’ve also announced something interesting, a one million dollar challenge. The rules sound straight forward enough, beat an unannounced new game mode (with proof), then cut and record a promo saying why you deserve to face AJ styles in WWE 2k19 for a chance to win 1 million dollars. Four people will be chosen to face off, with the winner getting a chance to play against AJ styles in real life, netting themselves a cool 1 million if they can best the current WWE Champion. I’d say fun pointing though, that 2K is the same company that ironically, famously screwed former WWE wrestler, Stevie Richards, out of 1 million dollars in one of their previous 1 million dollar challenges in MLB 2K11 due to a technicality. QQ