Industry Recon: E3 Roundup – Devolver Digital

One Long Sketch

In an ultimate twist of irony, Devolver Digital basically put on a satirical pseudo sketch comedy E3 press conference. They hit on a lot of the general E3 tropes that people tend to roll their eyes at. But in the end, for me personally this fell flat for one big reason, the irony within the irony. They spent all this time to put on this sketch to poke fun at E3, but in the end committed one of the biggest cardinal sins of the event, showing up and hardly announcing anything worth talking about. They showed Scum, which was playable at Pax East, and was pretty fun actually, but hardly a new reveal. They also showed a trailer for a game called My Friend Pedro that kind of looks like Max Payne and Shadow Complex had a baby, but with no depth. The third thing they showed was an overly campy trailer for Metal Wolf Chaos XD, basically reviving a game from 12 years ago that was only available in Japan, onto American consoles. And, well, that was it. Twenty minutes and they showed a half-assed trailer for a game that we knew was coming, a mediocre looking shooter, and a trailer showing zero gameplay footage for a remake of a game released in japan 12 years ago. Was this a stroke of genius, or just a case of gamer blue balls that was kind of a waste of everyone’s time? For me, I’m not impressed. I know this type of humor appeals to some, but for me it felt as pointless as possible. Save it for your youtube channel, bring us something tangible on the big stage guys. Come on.