Industry Recon: The “DUKE” Xbox Controller is Coming out This Month!

It’s here people! Over half a year ago, I had talked about speculation that the O-est of G’s Xbox Controller was coming back. The big ass controller, that was the size of a toddlers head, known to some as the bear claw, known to most as “The Duke”, has been revived for a re-release for the Xbox One Console by Hyperkin.  A press-release from Hyperkin last Friday made everyone aware that the dream is finally alive! The Duke controller will be coming out in mid May across North America and the UK.  In the US it will be available for pre-order at, in the UK at Funstock.UK, is already available for pre-order in the UK on, and will be available for pre-order in Canada at  

The ridiculousness of this even existing, combined with the collectors itch associated with these sort of releases,has already seen me go through a struggle for the last two hours deciding whether not I’m willing to drop a dumb amount of money on a novelty item.  Although, it’s really not fair to call it a novelty item, as it is fully compatible with the Xbox One.  They’ve added two bumper buttons to the top, both sticks and the d-pad work the game, the memory expansion slots have been ousted in favor of a headphone jack, and the middle of the controller actually has the old school Xbox start up animation play when you turn on your console. To top it off, this big ol mother f….ahem…this large controller will also work on Windows 10 computers.  Much like your mother, this thing is large and unwieldy, but god damn it, I love it anyway.