Industry Recon: Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Monster Hunter World Hit Shelves

You ever find yourself laying awake at night thinking “Yeah, Marvel vs. Capcom is great, but like, what if everyone was a super saiyan instead?” Well, your dreams have been answered my friend. Today marks the release date of the much anticipated Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a game that basically takes my generations childhood, slams it’s head together with MVC and ends up producing one of the most gorgeous, polished, well animated, fun, hectic fighting experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  While the game just came out, the servers have been struggling a little bit when it comes to the online experience.  However, the games I have been able to get into have run very smoothly, with little to no lag.  In fact, just above the timer it shows what the frame lag is at any given time, which I think is an unnecessary, but much appreciated touch.  

Other than the online multiplayer, the game has a fun single player story mode that gets you familiar with the mechanics of the game, as well as treating you to a completely original story written specifically for the game.  I won’t spoil anything, but it adds a new character to the roster, and the voice acting throughout is phenomenal.  You can also go to a training area to learn combos, and how each character works.  On top of that there is an arcade mode that has a “tower” similar to what we’ve seen in Mortal Kombat games in years past.  You can also create your own “ring” that others can enter for a kumite style battle.  Finally, you can compete in a traditional bracketed tournament, if enough people get on board.   There is no shortage of customization for your in game avatars either, you can unlock a ton of different character avatars and clothing color options for them.  Overall, despite some server issues the game is a win, and an early contender for best fighting game of 2018 unless something mind blowing comes out by the end of the year.  Here’s a small sample of the absolutely, ridiculously gorgeous, in fight animations. 


Finally, what week would be complete without picking up a big ass lance, a hammer, a sword and shield, two swords, a sword and shield that becomes a giant axe, a bow, an arrow, a….*trails off* ….to kill some big ass monsters? No weeks, that’s how many! Finally, Monster Hunter makes it’s way to Xbox (for the love of christ!), as well as PS4 and PC, with the newest installment “Monster Hunter World.” As a newbie to the franchise, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I can tell you, it’s damn fun. The game is true to it’s namesake, as you take on the roll of a class A monster hunter, traveling to a new world to research the mystery of why the elder dragons have been migrating to this area every x number of years.  Once you arrive you are given tasks fairly quickly, gather ingredients, kill monster so that camps can safely be set up, kill monsters and gather materials to make better weapons, etc, etc. 

The game is an open world style of game, broken down over several areas. Each area is open and broken into smaller quadrants that you can walk between, but the actual areas themselves don’t connect directly, you fly to them.    The main area is a hub style area, where you have your smithy set up in one space, the canteen in another, the research officers have their own quarters, etc, etc.  You continue to take quests, hunt monsters by following tracks, and so forth.  It starts out a bit slow, but eventually the first time you fight something much bigger than you, and win, you kind of feel like a bad mother f….shut you mouth…I’m only talkin bout monster huntin…we can dig it. 


The only real downside I’ve experienced so far, is that the servers are taking SUCH a beating, I have had zero opportunity to play it online with others. However, I look forward to the chance soon.  I’m sure watching my friends get knocked on their ass as I look on from a distance will be a treat. 

While I have been doing long form reviews in the past, I haven’t had the same amount of time with these titles as I normally get, as they typically come out on tuesday, and I spend the week with them. However, I wanted to get some early impressions out, as I’m sure people are looking for some info on these titles. Early verdicts are as follows, pending more time with the games…

Dragon Ball Figher Z: 9/10
Monster Hunter World: 8/10