Industry Recon: Awesome Games Done Quick Breaks it’s own Fundraising Record Again.

Last week, from January 7th through January 10th, gamers from all over gathered for another “Awesome Games Done Quick” event, set to raise money for the “Prevent Cancer Foundation.”  Games Done Quick is a bi-annual gaming marathon where gamers blaze through games, finishing them as quickly as possible, all while it is streamed 24/7 online.  During this time viewers may submit donations, or just sit back and watch for as long as they would like.   Last week this event raised $2,294,464, breaking the record they set last year by over $70,000.  AGDQ continues to be a driving force in proving that the often times ostracized gaming community, can truly come together and do some real good stuff given the opportunity.   Hopefully they can break their record again at their next event, and keep the fund raising money rolling in to finally K.O. cancer.