Industry Recon: According to the World Health Organization, “Gaming Disorder” will be Considered a Mental Health Condition in the Near Future.

In 2018 the WHO will be updating their “Classification for disease” for the first time in 16 years. One of the large changes that will show up, according to a report by “New Scientist” , is that the WHO will officially consider gaming addictions to be a recognized mental health issue. There’s speculation that this is coming to a head due to the recent controversy brought forward by “Star Wars Battlefront 2”, during which many people we’re claiming that loot crates in the game were a form of gambling that gamers could become addicted to, as “gaming disorder” will be classified as a disorder due to addictive behavior. The WHO is still working on the verbiage. However, they have mentioned several things for doctors to look out for. They will look at symptoms ranging from an inability to put important things in life before their gamine habits, as well as an inability to break away from games once they begin playing. They will likely add more information on the classification of this disorder going forward. However, gamers that have legitimate addictions to gaming may soon be able to find help.