Industry Recon: Prepare to die, a lot. Megaman 11 is coming in 2018

You heard me right, for the first time in 8 years, Capcom is dusting off their mega buster to bring a brand new side scrolling Megaman game to the masses. While several collections have come out in the last few years, allowing us to play classics and old favorites, this is the first new entry in quite some time. Maybe Capcom took the gross failure of Mighty No. 9 personally and decided to show them how it’s done, but I can’t even remotely complain about this. Yesterday Capcom released this announcement with a trailer showing off the revamped look of the Megaman universe, updating the graphics while keeping those side scrolling dreams alive.

On top of this Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Koji Oda, both people who have worked on Megaman titles in the past, are going to be producing and directing the game. So you can be sure that the things that have always Mega Man games great will be instilled in this newest offering. According to Capcom the game will be available on all major platforms as well! The Blue Bomber is back Baybeeeeeeeeee