Industry Recon: EA Games is Seemingly Trying to Destroy their Reputation in Real Time

In less than a week, EA Games has managed to garner itself the most downvoted post in the HISTORY of, which is in the top 50 of most popular websites in the world, as of posting. On top of this, and unfortunately for EA, the refund button for pre orders on their origin service is also not working properly. Some people claim EA has done this on purpose, as the game has, according to several other online publications, taken a BRUTAL hit to pre-orders since yesterday.

However, the refund button on games pre-ordered through EA or Origin typically doesn’t appear until the game is launched, as they give you 7 days after release to ask for a refund as long as you haven’t played it for more than a specific amount of time, to see it meets expectations, much like the popular service, Steam. Due to the current backlash and volume of cancellations (apparently the wait time according to users on various forums trying to cancel by calling customer service is over an hour), this is unfortunately only fueling conspiracy theories against EA.

This fire sale started once a user on Reddit did some quick maths (just ketchup, no sauce) and realized it would take about 40 hours of play time to unlock Darth Vader. For the average person with a job, or family, or who owns literally any other games, that feels a little out of hand. Because of this, users on Reddit expressed their outrage, and this response may be one of the biggest missteps in the history of community management by a game publisher/company. At the time of posting, this post has managed to have 678k Downvotes in less than 48 hours. Brutal.