Industry Recon: Sucker Punch Productions Releases Trailer for their First Project in 3 Years, “Ghost of Tsushima.” (PS4)

If you owned a Playstation console over the last eight ten years, it’s  likely you’ve played or heard of  a game franchise called “Infamous”, by Sucker Punch Productions.  Since the last entry in the franchise, in 2014, they haven’t released anything new.  However, there had been rumblings for a while about SPP working on this new project for a while.  When a trailer for Ghost of Tsushima didn’t show up at E3, there was some concern, and people we’re jumping to conclusions about the state of the project.   Now, here we are a few months later at Paris Game Week, and Sucker Punch has delivered in a big way. We only know a small amount about the story, as your character is one of the last remaining samurai when the Mongol Empire invades Tsushima island.  Given that the Mongol Empire did invade Japan in the 13th century, it’s likely that this game will take place in the late 1200’s.   Enough speculation though, enjoy the cinematic trailer they released today.