Industry Recon: People are Upset that Wolfenstein II Encourages the Killing of Digital Nazis in a WWII era Video Game.

Without trying to get too far into actual politics on this one, I think I would be remiss not to point out that it is abhorrently pathetic that there are people in 2017 flipping out over the fact that you can kill Nazi’s in a video game that takes place in an alternate reality where the Nazi’s win WWII, and are the main antagonists.   That said, this all started when Bethesda, creator of Wolfenstein 2, released a trailer for their upcoming game called “No More Nazi’s” …


Apparently this was “a bit much” for some people, who for some reason felt the need to lash out against Bethesda, despite video games obscenely rich history of games where Nazi’s are the antagonists. Just to name a few series that tasked you with killing Nazi’s, we’ve got Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Bonic Commando, Persona, Saboteur, Sniper Elite, even the South Park video game had you fighting Nazis at one point. But no one has an absolute stroke over this until now. Possibly due to the fact that Nazi’s have made their presence known in America recently, people have for some reason decided that after 2 decades of fighting Nazi’s on a digital medium, enough is enough and we should stop picking on some of the most deplorable humans to ever exist? For me, I don’t get it. However, Bethesda is not backing down, and defends their stance. Pete Hines, VP of Marketing for Bethesda was quoted as saying to,

“We don’t feel it’s a reach for us to say Nazis are bad and un-American, and we’re not worried about being on the wrong side of history here.”

Later on he also said, “At the time, none of us expected that the game would be seen as a comment on current issues, but here we are. Bethesda doesn’t develop games to make specific statements or incite political discussions. We make games that we think are fun, meaningful, and immersive for a mature audience. In ‘Wolfenstein’s’ case, it’s pure coincidence that Nazis are marching in the streets of America this year. And it’s disturbing that the game can be considered a controversial political statement at all.” Which I feel is fair. This game has been in production LONG before the events of Charolettesville, VA unfolded earlier this year. Despite their ad campaign drawing a lot of positive feedback, there some ramblings on twitter from people who are apparently triggered by an anti-Nazi message.


They’re not the brightest folks.  That said, Wolfenstein 2 releases on October 27th, 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC’s. Happy Nazi hunting!