Industry Recon: The Mother Fu***** Duke is BACK BABY!

For those who never owned or played an original Xbox, “The Duke” most likely has no meaning to you. However, this fat piece of crap reminds me so much of my childhood, and my first experiences with online gaming. The Duke is one of the first, inexplicably large controllers produced for the original Xbox system. I managed to find an image comparing this monstrosity to an Xbox 360 controller for scale on this fine fellows website.   Regardless of whether or not you have to take out a mortgage to add an addition on your house just to be able to store one of these behemoths of years past, this son of a bitch is coming back.  Why? WHO CARES.  I WANT SEVEN OF THEM.  The controller no one asked to be brought back is coming at you courtesy of Seamus Blackely, and American video game designer. However, this time it’s come back with some new tricks.  Some say this isn’t even it’s final form.  Why do I want this controller?  It reminds me of me, the lovable goof, the controller no one wants around, but once it shows up people are like, “This fuckin guy right here! THIS GUY!! HEY! COMERE BUDDY!”

Duke….I can’t wait to put my hands all over you.