Industry Recon: Bethesda Porting Doom and Wolfenstein II to Nintendo Switch

Despite many hilarious memes poking fun at the fact that Bethesda will literally port Skyrim to anything, including your old casio calculator watch, Bethesda is at it again, porting more games.  This time Bethesda has decided to Port Doom, the reboot of a classic franchise that was quite possibly factually one of the best games to come out of 2016.  In a discussion with “Engadget” Bethesda told them that the Switch version of the game will come with all previously released DLC and game updates.  If you buy a physical copy you will be getting only the main campaign due to cartridge size constraints. (Maximum of 32gb for Switch Cartridges) Multiplayer WILL be available however, via a free download from the Switch marketplace.  If you just download the digital version of the game, instead, you’ll get everything at once.  I would suggest getting an extra SD card for storage before hand though, as the Switch only boasts a 32GB internal drive. Doom for the Nintendo Switch should be out this holiday season. 

It’s like looking into a mirror

 On top of this news, Bethesda announced that everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch will get the opportunity to get a BJ…..Blazkowicz.  Bethesda didn’t give word on a release date for Wolfenstein II but, be on the look out for this port when it comes down the pipe.   I have some reservations about these high quality games being ported to a far less powerful system, that also has obscenely limited storage space.  However, I can’t lie, stabbing nazis in the face, on the go, sounds pretty damn sweet. 

Save a gun, stab a nazi