Industry Recon: South Park The Fractured but Whole Adjusts Game Difficulty Based on your Characters Race

I think by now, most of us are used to, if not excited to see, the social commentary that Trey Stone and Matt Parker bring to the South Park universe.  This time they are seemingly taking on the idea of racial “privilege” right out of the gate when it comes to the character creator for their newest South Park video game offering “The Fractured but Whole.”   A few days ago Eurogamer posted a “Let’s Play” showing some gameplay from The Fractured but Whole.  While going through the character creator, they noticed that as you change the skin tone of your character, the difficulty slider for the game moves with it as well, sort of.  If you choose a darker character Cartman will exclaim, “Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect combat, just every other aspect of your whole life.”  In an article about this by Kotaku, they mentioned that your characters skin tone could have an affect on how much money you gain from battles, and how other characters treat you.  

The Minority Report

Apparently the social commentary doesn’t stop there.    Other things such as sexual orientation and gender will have an affect on how people treat you as well.  One of the things worth noting is that, if you decide that your character is transgender, immediately after you leave the Mr. Mackey’s office (where that decision is made) you will be accosted by a bunch of angry rednecks and immediately enter a battle. 

Wait, why were they waiting outside a school?

With these things ALREADY revealed, I can only assume there will be more interactions that go to poke fun at the general ignorance and intolerance that has been emboldened in the recent past and present.   I for one, look forward to it.  South Park: The Fractured but Whole comes out on October 17, 2017.