Blind Fire: Destiny 2 Players Have a Stroke Over Shader Microtransactions

I’m sorry, but I feel that this entire controversy is a little childish and makes a vocal  portion of a community of players look like whining babies.   The long story short is that in Destiny 1, you could acquire things called “Shaders” that would change your entire armor set from one color scheme, to another.  These were unlimited use and did absolutely NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to affect overall gameplay.  In Destiny 2, you can apply a shader to any individual piece of equipment you want, to mix and match colors.  Each shader is consumable, having a number of limited uses  If you’d like, you can buy silver with real world money to buy more engrams from a vendor tent called the “Eververse” that contain shaders.  Of course, since this has a profound effect on the way the game plays. (Except that it doesn’t actually, at all…)  These non-gameplay affecting micro transactions have caused such an uproad on reddit, that the Destiny subreddit has a friggin megathread about it. 

Fashion > Gameplay

I have to say, there is a certain level of irony, to the people whining about this.  I say that because there are other things you can buy from the Eververse that actually have an effect on gameplay, such as weapon and armor mods, that add boosts to your items.  However, a group of gamers are literally sitting around bitching over being given the option to pay for the option to dye your clothing  (the game DOES drop shader engrams from time to time for free too…), instead of complaining about having to pay for weapon mods.  What a time to be alive.  Personally, I feel that if this is “the line” for you, you don’t really care about the game or the time and effort put into all the positive changes Bungie has made since the last game.  If your biggest concern is being able to change your wardrobe at the drop of a hat, maybe this is more your speed?

No need to thank me. I got your back.