Blind Fire: Destiny 2 and the Queue

Destiny 2 is officially live.  You know what that means; hoards of adoring fans rushing to play the newest entry into Bungies slightly better than average franchise.  Right off the bat, a lot of fans are going to notice a huge change in the way the game plays, in that, for a while, it doesn’t.  Right after you see the screen where you press “A” to start, you actually get to play a mini game before you play Destiny 2.  You get to fight your way through thousands of other players, in a free for all melee…of waiting in a queue.desti  Now listen, I get it, Destiny 2 is going to have thousands of people trying to get online, and I get that servers get stressed.  But in 2017, when companies have the amount of data and resources that Bungie does, it’s getting real old for your average gamer who has a job, and responsibilities, to constantly keep having to go through game launches where you can’t get in, and the servers are consistently unstable for an extended period of time. (Looking at you Fortnite ….christ) I guess I’ll get dorito dust on these old hands one more time while i….OH FUCK I’M IN! I’M IN THE GAME!