Industry Recon: Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One Coming Soon

I think the large majority of gamers who have used a mouse and keyboard combination and have used a handheld controller, will agree that the mouse/keyboard combination is a much better option to have, as it tends to be the faster and more accurate option. A tweet thrown up by @XboxE3Fans showed Mike Ybarra, the corporate vice president of Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, confirm the upcoming support for this at a Q&A during PAX West.  However, he is aware that there may be some “unfair” advantages when a traditional console player using a controller, plays someone using the M&K combination in competitive games, especially FPS games.   He posed possible solutions such as having players who are using controllers, having the option to only play with other controller using users.  This seems like a pretty bad idea, as it only cuts players into smaller and smaller groups.  However, another solution posed was that developers themselves can can choose whether or not to add M&K support to their games on their end.    Mike did not give a hard date for when support for M&K will be available.  He did promise that when it does launch though, that games with M&K support will launch at the same time.  Realistically, I wonder if they are holding off on this until they can release a AAA title at the same time.  Time will tell.