Industry Recon: Games Done Quick Raises $228,000 Dollars for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Traditionally, gamers get a lot of crap.  Male gamers are neckbeards who live in their moms basement and have never seen a woman.  Female gamers are fat, belong in the kitchen, and deal with awkward verbal sexual advances over the mic.   But you know, when some serious real world shit happens, none of the crap that they get stops them from coming together to raise a serious amount of money for a cause.   When Hurricane Harvey hit, website jumped into action, organized a 3 day-speed run event held on their website, and started taking donations from Sept 1 to Sept 3.

Usually, GDQ holds their events at venues where people can watch gamers go through a speed run of a video game, (Trying to beat a game as fast as possible while getting 100% of collectibles, upgrades, etc.  There are many variants to this, however.  I encourage you to look into it!) and out of appreciation for their time as well as a willingness to help others, can donate to whatever cause GDQ is raising money for at that time.   Due to the sudden nature of the situation, GDQ encouraged the people playing the games to stream their speed runs online for others to watch.  While the event was organized for those 3 days originally, they are continuing to take donations through Sept 9th if you’d like to help.   All donations are going straight to the Houston Food Bank. 

There is also an event coming up in Herndon, VA hosted by GDQ from January 7th through January 14th 2018, set to raise money for the “Prevent Cancer Foundation.” If you’re interested in attending, registration begins Sept 9th.  

From their website