Industry Recon: Bungie is Jumping in to Help Raise Money for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Are you a nerd?  Are you also a nerd who likes helping out people in time of need?  Well, Bungie’s got you covered.  Right now, until supplies of the item last (from a total stock of 15,000), Bungie is currently selling a triple heart style pin in the Bungie store on their website. Each one of these pins is $14.99, and all of the proceeds go to the Bungie Foundation.  The Bungie Foundation has a history of helping out people in need.  They have put together the “iPads for kids” program in Seattle’s Childrens Hospital, to help provide children with entertainment and keep their minds of things while they are hospitalized.   They’ve also worked with a bunch of other groups to help provide aide in times of need, as seen below.

Jeez, Donate Much?

This time Bungie is focusing the proceeds going to the Bungie Foundation to help “Direct Relief”, a foundation who’s mission statement is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care.  Right now, Direct Relief is focusing their efforts to help the victims of hurricane Harvey.  An added bonus to purchasing one of these pins, is that Bungie is giving away a special in game emblem for Destiny 2, to anyone who is willing to buy one of these pins as a special thank you.  If you’re so inclined to help out, here is the link to the purchase page for the pin.   Destiny 2 comes out at 12am on September 6th.

Have a….Heart…GET IT!?