Industry Recon: Nintendo Loses Patent Lawsuit

Nintendo took an “L” on thursday in a patent lawsuit that’s been going on for four years at the time of this post. A company called “iLife” was awarded 10 Million dollars by a jury in Dallas Texas on 8/31/2017. iLife is suing over a particular accelerometer patent found in their “nanny cam”-like cameras used to keep an eye on small children and the elderly. The accelerometers function in these cameras is to detect if someone falls down, so that help can arrive. However, iLife is claiming this is the same accelerometer tech used by the Wiimote remote controls on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo isn’t taking this verdict lying down, however, and will file for an appeal. Nintendo claims their use of the accelerometer does not infringe upon what the patent was originally filed for within the use of iLife cameras. Whether Nintendo wins the appeal remains to be seen. Nintendo is also currently in a legal battle over a patent issue regarding the Nintendo Switch. This issue currently looks to be in favor of Nintendo, but if any developments occur, I’ll let you guys know.