Industry Recon: For PS4 and Xbox Live Naruto has Bombarded the Marketplaces

This morning, I logged into Xbox Live, as usual, hoping to download the console version of Path of Exile, (which I’ll be doing a short review of later, because it is a fantastic game.) and I noticed an inordinate amount of Naruto titles taking up space in the marketplace today.   Looking into it a bit further, “Nartuto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy” (EX Hyper Ultra Mega …..just kidding.  Christ is that name long though.) apparently just released today.   This is a pack that includes four games, Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 & 2, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst, and an expansion for Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, called Road to Boruto. (burrito?)  As I’ve never really remotely cared about this franchise, I was ready to make jokes about why there’s so many of these games.  However, looking into it, this franchise has sold a whopping 16 million copies to date.  To be honest, holy shit!

One thing I find odd however, is the way these games are laid out in the marketplace. Currently there are five different tiles for Naruto games or bundles in the “new games” queue.  You can buy 1-3 separately for $19.99 each.  You can buy 1-3 in a Bundle for $39.99, roughly $13.33 each.  You can also buy Storm Legacy, which is 1-4 for $70.00. The reason that last one feels odd, is because in the description it says it includes the expansion “Road to Boruto”, but in no way makes it clear whether it includes the entire fourth game or not.  Even trying to look into it online, it feels ambiguous.  Given that Road to Boruto is a $20 expansion and the base game for it is $29.99, seeing the “Storm Legacy” bundle potentially include $110 worth of content for $70 seems slightly off based on the other bundles pricing.  Even looking into articles that reported on this bundle when it was first announced tend to give ambiguous information about this. Personally, I’m not willing to spend $70 to find out, but if any of you out there pick up this bundle, it would be nice to know how they are actually handling the fourth games content.  Anyway, I’d like to make some clever insider Nartuo reference on the way out of this article but I haven’t watched the show in years, so it would probably be …..Garable.  

Gara is not amused