Industry Recon: Mass Effect Andromeda is Officially as Dead

I think we can all agree that ME: Andromeda was a gre…well, it was a game.  When this game came out of the gate, fans didn’t quite get what they expected. The game was publicly marred by memes and outcry about graphical glitches and how poorly the facial animations were done.   But hey, at least the combat was great right?  Well, it was ok.  Unfortunately, a lot of people pointed out the fact that the combat had been dumbed down quite a bit.  This, on top of the fact that the story was lack luster at best, having the cast of characters travel to an entirely new galaxy which somehow was mostly just filled with the same species of characters we’ve already seen, save maybe two new ones?

 Regardless, through all the crap that people gave this game, ME: Andromeda was actually a big revenue driver for EA Games, or so they claim.  While I couldn’t find any specific numbers given from EA regarding this game specifically, they say it was a huge contributor to their overall video game sales for the last quarter.    However, a lot of skeptics wonder, if this game was such a big revenue driver for the team, why is there no DLC planned, and why are there no future patches coming?  Seems a bit strange, wouldn’t you say?  Bioware recently posted an update on the Mass Effect website citing that there will be no further patches released for Andromeda, and there will be no more single player campaign content released.  Unfortunately, on top of all this, there are no further Mass Effect games in the works.   It’s quite possible that Andromeda has completely killed the Mass Effect franchise.

That’s all folks!